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Divorce / Separation


Arizona is a “no-fault” state; this means if one person wants to end the marriage, it can legally be terminated. Like with almost anything, there are exceptions to this rule. If the couple is in a “covenant marriage” it is more difficult to terminate the union, but it is not impossible. Whatever your situation is, give us a call, and we will evaluate it with you.

Uncontested Divorces

If both parties want to end the marriage, we can represent you through that process as well. Divorces need not be adversarial. We can act as a guide and make sure you understand the legal ramifications of the language included in your divorce decree.


In Arizona, the parties can consider legal separation. This allows the parties to continue to be legally married while dividing property, establishing spousal maintenance, or whatever else the parties believe will be in their best interest.


There are a few grounds in which an annulment (restoring the parties to their single status) is appropriate. The benefit of annulment is it is as if the marriage never happened.

Property Division

Arizona is a community property state. Almost everything acquired during a marriage, by either spouse, regardless of who earned the income to purchase items, is the property of both parties. When a couple decides to divorce, the items must be divided between the parties. We can assist you with ensuring you get what you are entitled to receive.

Pre-nuptial/Post-nuptial Agreements

Sometimes parties wish to make plan of how items/money will be divided if the parties get a a divorce. This can happen before the parties get married (pre-nuptial agreement) or after the parties are married (post-nuptial agreement). We can draft or review this agreement for you.